What to Do When You're Behind A Drunk Driver

man drinking alcohol while driving

Driving while under the influence of alcohol impacts thousands of innocent lives every single year. In fact, every 2 minutes, someone is injured in a drinking and driving accident, and every 51 minutes, someone is killed. Unfortunately, every one of these injuries and deaths could have been prevented.

While you are driving, you might find yourself on the road with another driver who you suspect to be intoxicated. While it can be challenging to determine whether someone is truly impaired, it's better to report suspicious activity than not. Some signs you should look out for if you think you are near a drunk driver include:

  • Tailgating

  • Driving with no lights on at night

  • Swerving or weaving

  • Speeding

  • Driving very slowly

  • Abrupt stops

  • Driving on the wrong side of the road

  • Responding slowly to traffic signals

  • Hitting an object while driving

This is someone drinking while driving and yes, it should be reported.

How to Report a Drunk Driver

No matter when or where the thought of being near a drunk driver is enough to strike fear in the hearts of every motorist. If the worst does happen, we have some tips that could help save the lives of countless people.

1. Get Down License Plate Details

When a passenger is in the car, ask them to take a photo or video of the license plate. They can also write it down if a pen and paper are handy. Of course, drivers that are alone should never try anything dangerous in an attempt to get these details. Dash-mounted cameras often help, but if there is no way to record the incident safely, proceed to the next step.

2. Get Away From The Drunk Driver's Car

When a drunk driver is anywhere nearby, get away as safely and calmly as possible. If possible, pull into a parking lot, rest stop, or another safe area. When there is no other option, the side of the road is best. In those cases, make sure to turn on hazards and never get out of the car's road-facing side.

3. Call 911 When Safe

After settling into a safe spot off the road, call 911. At the time of the call, have any information handy such as car details, driver description, location, and time it occurred. Also, present any additional information that might come in handy for the dispatcher. Be sure to stay calm and answer any questions clearly when asked.

Injured due to Drunk Driver?

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