How to Safely Share the Road With Big Trucks

truck on road

Sharing the road with big trucks like big rigs, semis, and 18-wheelers is a daily task for drivers across the country. It’s important to remember that these vehicles can prove much more dangerous than normal vehicles.

When driving next to a big truck, motorists should take extra precautions to ensure they stay safe. Here are some ways to help them share the road with these massive vehicles.

Keep a Safe Distance

Because they are so heavy, big trucks can take much longer to come to a complete stop compared to normal-sized vehicles. Driving too close to a semi puts you at risk of colliding with the vehicle. Wherever the big truck is in relation to you, always leave plenty of space for merging, swerving, and braking.

Avoid Blind Spots

Truck drivers naturally have more and larger blind spots than normal motor vehicles. While they should take extra precautions to ensure these areas are clear before lane changing, not all do. Because of this, drivers should avoid blind spots for long periods of time whenever possible.

Blind spots, also called “no zones” to avoid include:

  • Within 20 feet in front of the truck
  • Within 30 feet behind the truck
  • One lane wide on the left side, extending back about halfway to the cab
  • Between two and four lanes on the right side, extending back past the cab

Always Signal

As we discussed, trucks require more time to slow down and come to a complete stop. If you are merging or changing lanes, always let the truck driver know what your intentions are by using your turn signals. That way, they have more time to brake and you reduce the risk of a rear-end collision.

Drive Defensively

Over time, operating a vehicle becomes second nature. However, road conditions can change in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it’s important to always drive with the utmost care and vigilance. Never rely completely on the actions of other drivers or assume that they can always see you. Instead, stay on the defense so that you are ready to make any necessary, last-minute maneuvers.

Truck on the road

Unfortunately, even the most defensive and vigilant car drivers can fall victim to injury due to negligent truck drivers. If you or a loved one is injured in a truck accident, turn to the Savanna personal injury attorneys at our firm for fierce legal representation. Our legal team will leave so stone unturned when reviewing your case and work hard to help you obtain a full financial recovery.

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