Why Do Big Truck Accidents Occur?

Large truck in the dark with smoky red background

When a commercial truck is involved in an accident, it’s almost always serious. There are several factors to consider with respect to big truck accidents. Read on to learn why these kinds of accidents happen.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration defines crash causation in two different ways:

  1. Critical Event - This is the maneuver or occurrence that placed the vehicle(s) in a position that caused the collision to become inescapable. The critical event is appointed to the vehicle that made the maneuver resulting in an inevitable crash.
  2. Critical Reason - The instantaneous cause of the critical event. The critical reason is appointed to the vehicle that is responsible for the critical event.

Critical Events

There are three significant kinds of critical events with respect to large trucks:

  1. Veering outside of the driving lane into another lane or off the road
  2. Loss of vehicle control as a result of driving too fast for the conditions, freight movements, transportation systems breakdown, unfavorable road factors, and other forces
  3. Rear-ending another vehicle in the big truck’s driving lane

Critical Reasons

In the Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 55% of large trucks examined were responsible for the critical reason in accidents. In addition, 44% of trucks involved in accidents with passenger vehicles were deemed responsible for the crash’s critical reason. Review the table below for more information regarding critical reasons.

Graph of critical reasons for big rig truck accidents

We Can Help

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