Does Harvest Season Lead to More Trucking Accidents?

close up of a truck carrying crops

Fall is in the air! As the leaves begin to shed their leaves and the weather cools down, families across Georgia are looking forward to their favorite fall activities: football season, apple picking, visiting pumpkin patches, and so much more. This is also the time of year when farmers across the state and the country get ready to harvest their crops that have been growing all year.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that truck accidents typically increase during harvest season due to several different factors. Our team discusses more below.

Factors That Increase Truck Crashes in Autumn

The National Safety Council (NSC) tracks annual trucking accident numbers. A 2019 analysis by the agency found that August, September, and October saw the most number of fatal truck crashes that year. There are several potential factors that lead to an increase of truck accidents during the fall season, including:

  • Increased Traffic. As farmers begin harvesting crops during this time, states high in agriculture tend to see more cross-county truck travel during the fall.
  • Time Restraints. During harvest season, truckers may have strict deadlines that they must meet in order to get their cargo to its destination on time.
  • Rural Roads. Many trucks have to drive on rural roads during fall season, which they may not be used to driving on. These roads may be curvy and have steep slopes on the sides.
  • Unsecured Cargo. Cargo that is not secured properly in a truck can fly up and temporarily hinder a truck driver’s visibility of the road.

Injured in a Truck Crash?

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