Does Drunk Driving Increase During the Holidays?

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The Holidays and Rates of Drunk Driving

With an increase in social gatherings, stress, and celebrations during the holiday season, there are plenty of opportunities for people to consume alcohol. While most individuals handle this responsibly, there are certain instances in which an intoxicated person may get behind the wheel of a vehicle. According to National Safety Council (NSC) data, drunk driving-related accidents are higher during holiday periods than at other times of the year.

Statistics from Holiday Drunk Driving Crashes

For most holidays, the NSC acknowledges a 72-hour window for the holiday period depending on what day it occurs. For Thanksgiving 2022, this begins on Wednesday evening and extends through Sunday night; Christmas spans from Friday through Monday, as does the New Year's period. During this time, there is a measurable increase in crashes overall, as well as drunk driving-related incidents.

Over the last several years, the Thanksgiving holiday has seen an increase in traffic fatalities - some of the highest since 2007. Among these fatalities, about 30 percent were attributed to an alcohol-impaired driver. Christmas and New Year's, however, neared 40 percent.

What Contributes to Drunk Driving During the Holidays?

There are many potential contributing factors to why drunk driving rates surge during the holidays. To begin, people are more likely to drink alcohol at holiday gatherings than any other time of year. There is also an increased amount of travel during this period as people visit family and friends - which can lead to fatigue and impaired judgment. Furthermore, many people are off from work during the holidays, which can contribute to excessive drinking.

When combined, these factors make it more likely for individuals to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. And while law enforcement is typically increased during holiday periods in an effort to crack down on drunk driving, it's not always enough to prevent every incident from occurring.

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