Your Medical Treatment Can Impact Your Claim

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Treatments to Avoid After a Crash

When you've been injured in a serious motor vehicle accident, the timeliness of your medical care isn't the only thing that matters if you're looking to pursue a personal injury claim. Depending on the severity of your injuries, the type of care you receive may negatively affect the amount of compensation awarded. Here are a couple of treatments to reconsider.

Chiropractic Care

In cases of severe injury, chiropractic care may not be the best option for treatment. While it is beneficial for those suffering from minor to moderate pain, the results of this kind of care are subjective and could potentially lead to reduced compensation.

This occurs because it is often difficult to quantify the results of this type of treatment. Since the nature of the practice relies heavily on subjective assessments, both from patients and practitioners, there is a greater potential for error when it comes to documenting the efficacy of care. Furthermore, there is a possibility that seeing a chiropractor could cause your injuries to worsen if you haven't been seen by a doctor. This is because a chiropractor may not be able to properly assess the severity of your injuries and could inadvertently cause additional damage.

Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

Like chiropractic care, these treatment methods could harm your claim more than help it. This is because, once again, the results are subjective and difficult to document. Insurance companies often view these methods as unproven and not as effective as more traditional treatments like physiotherapy. As a result, if you pursued one of these methods of treatment, it's likely that the amount of compensation you're awarded could be reduced.

When it comes to recovering from severe injuries after a motor vehicle accident, there is no replacement for seeing a doctor and receiving proper care. Not doing so doesn't just increase your risk of a more severe injury, but it can also negatively affect how much compensation you receive. If you have already seen a doctor and are considering other forms of treatment, consult with your personal injury attorney to discuss whether it can damage your claim.

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