Record-Shattering Results

With record-shattering results, our firm has proven itself a force to be reckoned with. We refuse to back down from intimidation from insurance companies or greedy corporate bullies. Instead, we fight on, always pursuing justice in the form of maximum compensation for our clients. Read some of our recent case results below to see what we have achieved for our valued clients.
  • $2,400,000 Settlement
    Bicycle Fatality
    Bicyclist killed by a commercial vehicle.
  • $1,124,615 Jury Verdict
    DUI / Serious Injury Wreck
    Head-on DUI collision.
  • $1,025,000 Settlement
    Tractor Trailer Collision

    Rear-End Tractor-Trailer Collision

  • $1,000,000 Settlement
    Negligent Security
    Fatal Shooting at Nightclub
  • $1,000,000
    Drunk Driving Collision
  • $650,000 Settlement
    Tow Truck Collision
    Rear-end tow truck collision.
  • $500,000 Settlement
    Tractor-Trailer Collision
    Rear-end tractor-trailer collision.
  • $310,000 Settlement
    Pedestrian Collision
    Pedestrian hit in a crosswalk.
  • $300,000 Settlement
    On-the-Job Car Collision
    Vehicle collision while on the job.
  • $285,000 Settlement
    Car Accident
    Rear-end collision.
  • $250,000 Settlement
    Motorcycle Collision
    Accident involving a motorcycle.