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Physical abuse in nursing homes is a growing epidemic in the U.S. Approximately 2,500 cases of physical abuse by nursing home staff are reported every year. Physical abuse in nursing homes involves any use of physical force or violence to cause bodily harm or suffering. Physical abuse also includes the intentional withholding of items necessary for a resident’s well-being, the absence of which causes great physical pain or discomfort.

If your loved one is suffering physical abuse at the hands of nursing home staff, it must be stopped as soon as possible. Even a suspicion of nursing home abuse should lead to an investigation as to whether abuse is taking place. We encourage you to bring your claim to our nursing home physical abuse attorneys in Savannah. At Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys, we go the extra mile to make sure abusive institutions are held accountable. With our help, you and your family may be able to receive compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured.

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Why Does Physical Abuse Occur in Nursing Homes?

There are many reasons why nursing home physical abuse is on the rise. Lax hiring practices are partially to blame. Many states do not require criminal background checks when hiring nursing home staff. Poor hourly pay can cause more qualified applicants to pass on the job, forcing nursing homes to hire less-than-qualified applicants. Understaffing is another big reason, which leads to workers being undertrained, overworked, and stressed out. Under these conditions, staff members may act out or lose their patience and commit physical abuse.

Signs of Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

Sometimes, physical abuse can be easily spotted. Visible signs, like bruises and cuts, can make it clear that abuse is occurring. Most of the time, however, it is not that easy. Even if there are signs of physical abuse, a staff member can claim that injuries are the result of a fall or accident. They may even bully the resident into backing their story.

It is not easy to notice and prove that an elderly resident’s injuries are the cause of physical abuse by a nursing home staff member. Family members and loved ones should closely observe the signs of abuse and the patterns in which they tend to occur.

Some signs of physical abuse in nursing homes include:

  • Marks, swelling, or bruising on the body or face
  • Abrasions, scratches, cuts, or other physical wounds
  • Burns caused by cigarettes, ropes, or restraints
  • Sprains, fractures, or broken bones
  • Previously unrecorded physical issues or ailments
  • Uneasiness or anxiety when a certain staff member is in the room
  • Hesitancy to explain bruises, marks, etc.

It is important to note not only the physical signs but any changes in the resident’s behavior as well. Residents may be more anxious or withdrawn, especially around the staff member responsible for the abuse.

Types of Physical Nursing Home Abuse

Physical abuse in a nursing home can come in many different forms. The most common type is battery, but there are other less obvious forms as well.

Physical abuse includes:

  • Overmedication or not enough medication
  • Hitting, pushing, shoving, slapping, kicking, burning, or otherwise causing physical pain
  • Forcing or denying food or drink
  • Improper or unnecessary restraints
  • Hair pulling
  • Roughly handling resident when transporting or attempting to assist

Let Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys Fight for Your Family

If nursing homes are unwilling to cooperate with federal and state laws regarding nursing home abuse, they should have to face serious consequences. In addition to reporting nursing home abuse, you can file a lawsuit against the nursing home to hold it accountable. If your loved one is suffering in a nursing home, we are ready to step in and put a stop to the abuse.

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