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If a vehicle in motion stalls out, the driver and passengers – plus anyone else on the road nearby – are at risk of a serious accident and severe injuries. Far too often, defective auto parts are to blame for vehicle stall outs. Usually, a defective ignition module is the culprit.

Cars will stall when the ignition module hits a certain temperature, as the module is designed to cut out when it gets too hot. If a vehicle has stalled and cut out, it typically cannot be turned back on until its temperature has cooled back to normal.

It can be difficult to diagnose an ignition module problem because it is not always easy to connect the stalling issue to a rise in the module’s temperature. By the time the vehicle can be examined at a repair shop, it would have cooled down, so the problem would have to be diagnosed pretty much on the spot, if possible. Of course, in the case that a defective ignition module leads to a stall out and, consequently, a car accident, pinpointing the correlation between the temperature and the stall out would be even more difficult.

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Connecting a Vehicle Stall Out with Defective Auto Parts

So how can a vehicle stalling out be connected with a defective auto part? For one thing, the location of the ignition module could play a large role in its overheating. In some vehicles, the module is located right next to the engine. In that case, the engine radiates heat that can be absorbed by the ignition module, which can single-handedly cause a vehicle stall out and possibly an auto accident.

Despite the fact that manufacturers and engineers recognize this connection between the location of the ignition module and engine temperature, many manufacturers still choose to produce dangerous vehicles with stalling hazards.

Results of Widespread Stalling in Vehicles

As automakers struggled to find a solution to the stall out problems in their vehicles, they’ve tried many different ideas. At one point, defective carburetors which were at risk of stalling were replaced by electronic fuel injection. Although innovative, this did not actually solve the problem

A different method involved installing a thick film ignition module, but the module was still susceptible to stalling at high speeds and causing auto accidents. Due to the numerous accounts of auto accidents resulting from these defective parts, a slew of class action lawsuits and vehicle recalls began to spring up.

Contributing to the outrage was the fact that there continued to be a drastic shortage of consumer warnings about the defective ignition modules, as well as constant attempts to cover up the issues.

If you have been injured in an auto accident caused by a sudden vehicle stall out, the carmaker could be at fault for your injuries. If you win your case, you could receive compensation from the auto manufacturers responsible for the defective auto part. Work with our vehicle stall defect attorneys in Savannah to learn more about your rights and options.

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  • Tractor Trailer Collision $1,025,000 Settlement

    Rear-End Tractor-Trailer Collision

  • Negligent Security $1,000,000 Settlement

    Fatal Shooting at Nightclub

  • Drunk Driving Collision $1,000,000

    DUI collision with moderate injuries.

  • Tow Truck Collision $650,000 Settlement

    Rear-end tow truck collision.

  • Tractor-Trailer Collision $500,000 Settlement

    Rear-end tractor-trailer collision.

  • Pedestrian Collision $310,000 Settlement

    Pedestrian hit in a crosswalk.

  • On-the-Job Car Collision $300,000 Settlement

    Vehicle collision while on the job.

  • Car Accident $285,000 Settlement

    Rear-end collision.


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