How Weather Impacts Liability in Accident Cases

driving in the rain at night

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) approximates that about 22% of car accidents each year are weather-related. This percentage to millions of accidents with thousands of lives lost each year. Understanding how bad weather can impact liability when on the road can help us all get to our destinations safely.

Driving Dangers Caused by Adverse Weather

From slick roads to ice-covered bridges, there is no limit to how hazardous these conditions can get. Some of the more common dangers that Savannah drivers may face when on the road include:

  • Limited visibility - high humidity can lead to foggy conditions and low visibility that comes with heavy rains
  • Debris on the roadway - with the spring and summer months bringing tornados and hurricanes, it is not uncommon for various items to be in the road and impact travel
  • Icy roads - in those uncommon freezing winters in Georgia, highways and bridges may start accumulating ice, making for a dangerous commute

Remember, if the adverse weather conditions are significant, be cautious when leaving the house and allow yourself extra time to account for slower-moving traffic.

Bad Weather and Car Accident Liability

Anytime a car accident occurs, liability needs to be established for insurance companies to determine who is at fault. Unfortunately, poor road conditions due to weather do not eliminate a driver's chance of being at fault if an accident happens. Since a driver is choosing to be on the road, they are assuming the risk that comes with it. To limit the liability that comes with these conditions, it may be best if you exercise these cautions:

  • Check if your tires are sufficiently aired up and not worn down to eliminate individual hazards
  • Drive with the flow of traffic regardless of whether the speed limit is higher
  • Maintain your vehicle’s parts by getting regular inspections
  • Increase space between your vehicle and the one in front of you to accommodate for immediate stops.

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