The Safest Way to Pass a Large Truck

small van driving next to a large truck

What is the Safest Way to Pass a Truck?

The safest way to pass a truck is to only pass in the left lane and to keep in mind the driver's blind spot when doing so. Continue reading for more tips on how to safely pass a truck.

Being Aware of a Truck’s Blind Spot When Passing

Most drivers know to be mindful of keeping a safe distance when they are traveling next to or behind a large truck; however, many people get anxious when passing one. Because the blind spot, or “no zone,” is larger than the average vehicle, many can have trouble understanding how they can keep a safe distance when needing to pass. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Only Pass On The Left

We’ve previously discussed how lingering in the blind spot can increase the risk of a crash, so being aware of when the driver can see you is crucial. This is why you should never attempt to pass a truck from the right lane; the blind spot is much larger on this side, inhibiting their ability to see you coming.

Never Pass On Bridges or Going Downhill

You always want to give yourself an exit strategy in case something goes wrong, so eliminating riskier situations is always a safer idea. This means avoid passing on bridges where there is limited space on each side, and be cautious when going downhill since all vehicles tend to pick up speed. As a general rule to keep in mind, only pass a large truck when you have a shoulder or open area that you could pull on to in case of an emergency.

Wait Until You Can See Them in the Rearview Mirror

To know if you have a safe distance to pull in front of a large truck, you will want to be able to see them from the rearview mirror. Allowing this extra space ensures that you are putting enough distance between your vehicle and theirs in case you need to hit the brakes. Remember, the blind spot still extends 30 feet ahead of the truck, so merge accordingly.

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