Do I Need to File a Police Report for My Crash?

Do I Need to File a Police Report for My Crash?

In Georgia, it is mandatory to report any type of car crash that occurs on public roads and highways. The law requires that all crashes resulting in injury, death or property damage be reported to the police within 24 hours. It is important to understand this law and how to properly report a crash so you can be prepared when an unexpected accident happens.

When and Where to File a Police Report for a Crash

If you have been involved in a car crash, you must file a police report with the local law enforcement agency where the accident occurred. Be sure to do this as soon as possible, as it helps protect your legal rights in case there are any disputes about who was at fault for the accident. Additionally, filing an accurate and detailed police report will help document what happened and provide proof of damages if necessary.

Benefits of Filing a Police Report for Your Crash

Filing an accurate police report for your crash can also help if you decide to pursue legal action against another party involved in the accident. For example, if another driver was negligent or reckless when causing the crash, it would be beneficial to have documentation from law enforcement showing what happened during the incident.

A lawyer could use this information when building your case if you decide to file an injury lawsuit against the driver or their insurer. This makes filing an accurate and timely police report especially important when pursuing legal action after a car crash.

Insurance Companies Often Require Police Reports

Additionally, many insurance companies will require a copy of the police report before they will process your claim. This is because it provides an official record of what happened during the accident and can help them determine who was at fault.

Some states may even require that certain types of accidents be reported to the DMV or other government agencies before they can be processed by insurance companies. Filing a timely police report is thus essential in order for your insurance claim to be processed successfully and quickly.

Working With an Attorney

To have the best chance at a successful claim, working with an experienced car accident attorney can ensure you are taking the necessary steps in the process. They can help remind you of important deadlines and file the appropriate paperwork as needed.

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