How Do I Obtain a Police Report After a Truck Accident?

police officer at scene of a crash

The road to recovery after a big truck accident can be a long and difficult one, but the battle doesn’t end there. Getting the evidence you need to prove liability is essential to obtaining the compensation to pay for your injuries, property damage, and pain and suffering damages.

A police report serves as an invaluable piece of evidence when it comes to proving liability and successfully determining what caused the truck accident. While a police report is not a final judgment of liability, an officer’s written facts and opinions can weigh heavily on the outcome of your case.

The Essentials of an Accident-Related Police Report

After a big truck crash, a police officer will most likely be called to the scene of an accident after a 9-1-1 call or one placed to the local police station. Once the police officer arrives, they will assist in:

  • Moving the vehicles from the road
  • Getting accident victims medical treatment
  • Interviewing witnesses who witnessed the crash
  • Creating an accident report

Once the report is filed, you should be able to visit the police station within a few days afterward to obtain a copy of it. Your personal injury lawyer can help you through this process as well.

As we mentioned above, an accident-related police report will contain essential information that will be used to provide the basics of what happened and how the accident occurred, including:

  • Driver’s licenses, license plates, and registration information of all vehicles involved
  • Location of vehicles, point of impact, and damage to all vehicles
  • Apparent injuries
  • Laws that were broken and citations given
  • Estimated speeds of the vehicles, weather conditions, and road conditions
  • Eyewitness statements and information
  • Officer’s professional opinion of what happened

The insurance company will want a copy of this report for their own investigation purposes. With that said, make sure that you contact a lawyer before speaking with any insurance representative.

Even if you think you were somewhat to blame, never admit or assume fault for the accident. Big truck accidents are often complex, so your attorney will act as your legal advocate to ensure that you do not say anything that could jeopardize your case.

Big Trucking Companies Don’t Stand a Chance

At Jamie Casino Injury Attorney, we know from experience that insurance companies of large trucking companies will do everything in their power to limit their own liability in order to protect their profits. Don’t go up against these for-profit machines when you don’t have to.

Our Savannah truck accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate the cause of your accident, gather all the evidence needed to prove fault, and apply our knowledge of the law to fight for the outcome and compensation that you deserve.

We’re here to make sure justice is served for you. Contact our firm at (912) 809-5335 to schedule a free consultation or for more information about your potential legal rights.

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